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Hair Restoration

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Hair loss is a common problem affecting about 80 million people across the United States. Fortunately, hair restoration can help prevent further damage and promote healthy hair growth. At the Sirens Medspa at 56 Union Ave suite 3, Somerville NJ 08876 in Somerville, Flemington, and Monroe, New Jersey, hair restoration specialists regularly perform effective, noninvasive hair restoration treatments. To request your appointment today, call the office or use the online booking tool.

Hair Restoration Q & A

What is hair restoration?

Hair restoration is a procedure used to restore hair to areas of your scalp that may be thinning.

Hair loss can be caused by age, genetics, or other factors. Whatever the cause, hair loss can impact confidence and result in a lower quality of life.

Sirens Medspa at 56 Union Ave suite 3, Somerville NJ 08876 provides the groundbreaking Alma TED®, an innovative hair restoration treatment to help restore thicker, healthier hair.

What is the Alma TED for hair restoration?

Alma TED's revolutionary technology offers a noninvasive solution to hair loss concerns. This ultrasound-based technology leverages acoustic sound waves to promote improved blood flow to the scalp.

The ultrasound technology is paired with the TED+ Hair Care formula, containing essential ingredients that support hair and scalp health, resulting in thicker, fuller-looking hair with increased shine and strength.

Who is a good candidate for hair restoration?

If you're starting to bald or have thinning hair, you could be a good candidate for hair restoration.

You might be starting to experience hair loss and could be a candidate if you've noticed:

  • A shift in your hairline
  • Thinning of your hair
  • Excessive shedding after taking a shower or brushing your hair

Schedule an appointment at the Sirens Medspa at 56 Union Ave suite 3, Somerville NJ 08876 at the first signs of hair loss to learn about what's possible with hair restoration.

What happens during hair restoration treatment?

A hair restoration treatment session with Alma TED usually takes 20-25 minutes. The treatment is not painful, but you can expect to feel a warm sensation and may notice a ringing sound.

This noninvasive treatment doesn't require needles, cause discomfort, or result in trauma to your scalp.

Many patients notice improvements as early as a month after their first treatment, but optimal results may require additional treatments.

If you're interested in learning more about hair restoration, request an appointment at the Sirens Medspa at 56 Union Ave suite 3, Somerville NJ 08876 today by calling the office nearest you or using the online tool