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Yes, You Can Remove Hair THERE

Yes, You Can Remove Hair THERE

When your pubes peek out of your bathing suit and panties, you might grab a razor or make a waxing appointment at a nearby spa. But shaving, waxing, and other methods of hair removal are temporary at best.

Shaving and waxing can leave you irritated, bleeding, or itchy. In contrast, laser hair removal destroys the errant hairs and the follicles that house them so you never have to shave there again.

At the Rheumatology Center of New Jersey, we don't just provide medical services with our board-certified rheumatologists, Ahmed M. Abdel-Megid, MD, and Amanda Borham, MD. We also offer aesthetic services, including laser hair removal, at Sirens Medspa in our Somerville, New Jersey, location.   

While you may already know about laser hair removal for silky legs, you may not realize you can use it on your bikini line, too. Do you want to remove hair there? Here’s why laser hair removal could be your best choice.

Shaving causes injuries

The skin around your bikini area is especially delicate. And so, of course, are your private parts.

When you take a razor to your bikini line, you risk cuts, scrapes, and nicks. In fact, 83% of bikini-area hair-removal injuries that required emergency room treatment were due to shaving. 

Having open cuts in an area where you may have physical intimacy with another person is also dangerous. Bacteria and viruses can get into the abraded skin and may even cause an infection.

Waxing is painful … again and again

If you’ve ever waxed your bikini area, you already know how painful the process can be. Like razors, it can also cause injuries and bleeding.

While your bikini area is super smooth after waxing, it doesn’t stay that way for long. You usually have to wax the hair at least every month to keep your bikini line satiny. That adds up in both pain and dollars.

Laser hair removal is (mostly) permanent

Unlike other hair-removal methods, laser hair removal is nearly permanent. After you’ve undergone your initial sessions, you only need a touch-up once or twice a year.

The reason laser hair removal is so much more effective than other methods is that it doesn’t merely cut off the hair at skin level, as shaving does, or pull it out by the root, as with waxing. Instead, the laser’s energy targets the melanin in the hair root.

The hair root rests in a follicle. When the laser zaps the hair root, it also zaps the follicle itself, damaging its structure so it can’t support hairs or grow new ones.

During your treatment, or shortly thereafter, the lasered hairs fall out. Since the follicles are also damaged, they either can’t produce new hair to take its place, or they produce weaker, thinner hair.

Laser hair removal takes a series

Your hair grows at different rates, whether it’s on your scalp, legs, or bikini area. In order to target all of your hairs, we must divide treatment into a series of about three treatments. 

During each laser-hair removal treatment, we target and zap the hairs that are in their earliest growth phase. The next month, more new hairs start to appear, so we zap them, too.

Over a three-month period, we can remove about 80-90% of hair in a treated area. You may need a touch-up in 6-12 months to handle stragglers. 

Start now for bikini time

Because you must leave about a month between each session, you should start bikini line hair removal now if you want to be smooth and silky by summer. Of course, you don’t have to stop at your bikini line. You can improve the look and texture of your skin by removing hair from your:

If you’re ready to remove hair there and elsewhere, contact our team at our office nearest you, in Monroe, Flemington, or Somerville, New Jersey. Then come to Sirens Medspa in Somerville for your bikini-line laser hair removal.

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